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Virginia Luxury Homes LLC built our wonderful home.

It is a fully LEED certified, environmentally friendly, green home, with all of the assets associated with a custom home that is truly green. We understand that only 1% of builders in the United States are certified to be able to build a LEED green home, and Virginia Luxury Homes LLC is one of those 1% of builders.

One of the many attributes we love about our 7,300 square foot home is its energy efficiency. We have heard that normally a home of this size would require a monthly energy bill in the range of $1,000 to $1,300. In contrast, our monthly energy bills consistently average around $260 per month, and we fully use our home.

Equally importantly to us is the manner in which Richard and his team have constructed our home. It is quality oriented in every feature and fully meets our requirements. It has been constructed to be both professionally tight and environmentally clean. Therefore, it needs little if any maintenance.

However, whenever anything arises that is maintenance-oriented, even though the warranty has long expired, all we have to do is to call Richard and he is instantly responsive. For example, recently a tree branch had grown over our roof and had damaged the shingles which we wanted to have fixed. This was obviously a very small job, but it was important to us to have it fixed correctly. We called Richard who was, as always, instantly responsive. He called his roofing specialist and this small job has already
been handled to our full satisfaction.

This is a long-term relationship that we enjoy. Richard has transitioned from a builder to a friend. We understand this long-term relationship to be unique in the construction business where many contractors are “here today . . . gone tomorrow.”

For these many reasons, we strongly recommend that you seriously consider Richard and Virginia Luxury Homes LLC as the contractor you choose to work with to build your new custom home. They are trustworthy, quality and customer focused, and will do their utmost to please you, while teaming with you to meet your personal objectives.

Jim and Sharon




After living in the same small rambler for 24 years, we began a search for a new home with more space and distinctive features.  We were prepared to buy or build, but we had several criteria to be met in terms of features and quality.  As an engineer, I was especially determined to buy a well built home that incorporated quality materials.  After searching diligently for over 18 months, looking at over 200 homes, and talking with multiple builders, we finally bought an incredible home from Richard Feller and the Virginia Luxury Homes team.

Our home has met all of our expectations.  The home uses large and detailed moldings throughout the house, even the master closet.  Each main level room has a unique and elegant ceiling design.  Each bathroom in the house has a custom and distinctive premium tile and fixture design.  Exceeding our expectations, Richard and his team installed premium features throughout the home – a beautiful stone wall in the basement, networked thermostats and door locks, premium gas fireplaces, a whole house vacuum, a security monitoring system, and premium fixtures and appliances.  Richard and Bijan Hakimzadeh both have professional business and engineering backgrounds, so they personally value precision and quality.  Richard and Bijan built this home to meet LEED energy efficiency standards.  While skeptical, I can tell you that it has been wonderful to have utility bills that are only slightly higher than our old home – which was less than a quarter of the square footage.  The professional home inspector told us that our home was one of the best built homes that he had seen in several years. 

Equally important in working with a builder is the follow through after the closing.  Once we moved into the home, there were things that needed to be changed or addressed.  Richard and Bijan have been completely committed to making this home right for us.  They have serviced all the minor issues that emerged and taken care of features that improved our comfort and satisfaction with the home.  Bijan has personally overseen all of the work done since we moved in, continuing to set a standard for quality and ensuring that the work was done without any impact to the home. 

Indeed, we have an exceptionally well built home in which Richard and Bijan focused on the details and quality.  Our experience with Richard, Bijan and the Virginia Luxury Homes team has been excellent.  We would encourage anyone planning to buy or build a home to talk with Richard and his team as part of this important, personal decision.   We know from our extensive search that Virginia Luxury Homes is building the highest quality and most functional homes available in the Northern Virginia area.



John and Barbara

As our two children neared school age, we began searching for a house that would be the home our children would live in as they entered kindergarten and graduated high school. After a tumultuous search for a home in Arlington, VA, we found our “diamond in the rough”. It met so many of our wants, but required considerable work to realize our vision.

Starting the day after closing, Richard Feller and the entire Virginia Luxury Homes team moved quickly on our plan, a transformation that included the removal of three walls which gave our new home the open floor plan we sought.

Bijan Hakimzadeh prepared a thoughtful timeline, and met it, while diligently managing the many tasks of our renovation. The process of inserting appropriate beam support and rerouting the air ducts was nothing short of masterful.

With the professional interior design guidance of Andrea Olsen, we were able to select cabinets, tile, and paint colors that were perfect for our space and style preference. Her expertise saved us considerable time agonizing over the seemingly endless decisions.

In total, the entire home was renovated, including all flooring, walls, crown molding, and the unfinished lower level, which included adding a bedroom and full bath. Richard and Bijan tackled this enormous undertaking in record time, while delivering superb quality. We could not be happier with the result.

A decision to upset your life with a renovation or new build is not easy to make; however, if you decide to do so, having a reliable team that delivers a high end product, on time, and on budget, makes this process much easier and worthwhile.

Without reservation, we recommend Virginia Luxury Homes.

Dr. Jeff Showalter and Meredith Mazzotta

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