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Meet The Team


Richard Feller

 Founder & President


Richard is an internationally acclaimed professional who brings a unique and innovative blend of experience and background to the build business. He has been a faculty member at two state universities; a dean; an executive with two of the top 500 largest corporations in the world; an organization strategic growth architect; and a CEO with several highly successful businesses. An MBA and Ph.D., with executive certifications in economics, value engineering, and real estate; augment his home build business experiences. 

Based upon his work in Silicon Valley, Richard is astutely aware of the importance of value engineering and technology, and he ensures that each of our builds effectively integrates the most applicable advances from both. He is also comfortable working with various cultures and nationalities since he has worked in twelve different countries.

Dr. Feller is a business visionary, strategist, and economic value engineer. As such, he is highly sensitive to and schooled in economic value/return on investment (ROI) and customer service.  In turn, Richard and our entire home build team work closely with each of our customers in assisting them to maximize the economic value of what is likely the largest investment they will make in their lives (their home); while assisting them in the design, or purchase, of one of our unique, luxurious, incredibly comfortable and beautiful, intelligent, healthy, custom homes.

Phone: 703-628-6008


Bijan Hakimzadeh

Project Manager, Build Operations


Bijan is responsible for the technical aspects of each one of our custom built homes. He, like Richard, brings a unique blend of background experiences to the new home build business including his fifteen years of new build and renovation construction experience. His exactness and attention to detail are derived from four primary sources: (1) the design and build of residential new home builds (2) managerial build responsibility for the eleventh largest commercial build company in the U.S. (3) building aircraft in the commercial and military side of the aviation industry (i.e. C-17) which requires an incredible focus on preciseness and planning detail, and (4) history of analyzing foreign currency which requires both preciseness and the ability to assimilate incredible amounts of technical data. 

As project manager of build operations, Bijan’s role is to intensively focus on every single detail of construction in each home that we design and build.  The process begins with our architect, structural engineer, and ground engineer in the original design of our homes. Bijan then schedules and provides oversight of our subcontractors, consultants, and vendors to ensure that quality, professionalism, and cost effectiveness are “built into” each of our homes through the exceptional work each craftsman provides to the build.  In this manner, He ensures that every Virginia Luxury Home not only features the finest possible workmanship, but also meets our exacting LEED and Energy Star green standards (when the customer chooses to build green); the latest in proven home build expertise; and that everything is accomplished within the constraint of providing economic value/cost effectiveness for our astute home buyers. He continues his oversight function operating with such precise attention to detail as if this were his own home - until the final day when the home build is transitioned to the new owner.

As a company, we strategically operate on the design principal that if each of our uniquely crafted custom homes are meticulously deigned from the first to the last day of build, then the result will be the most luxurious, healthy, intelligent, comfortable home possible for our home buyers.  Bijan performs an essential role to assist our company achieve this goal.

Susan Taheri

Manager, Finance And Administration


Susan handles administrative and financial responsibilities for Virginia Luxury Homes.  Her administrative responsibilities include ensuring that the company has all necessary insurance and liability coverage for our build operations; licenses are current for each of our subcontractors, vendors and suppliers; and that the company is in compliance with all county, state and federal regulations.

Her accounting responsibilities include ensuring that all financial aspects of the company are properly recorded; all staff, subcontractors and vendors are paid in a timely manner; that financial  records are appropriately integrated with the company CPA regarding the compilation of all required records/ transactions.  She also provides necessary administrative support for the president of Virginia Luxury Homes regarding  successful company operation .

Susan is exceptionally well qualified for this role in that she has a degree in administration and finance and has worked for such prestigious companies as New York Life in similar capacities.  She has also worked with our president for many years in various companies where he has been the chief executive officer. Due to this clear understanding and experience she is readily able to align her responsibilities and contributions to the customer perspective and company strategy for the benefit of our home buyers.

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