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Mission Statement
  • We are dedicated to creating a relationship with each of our customers that is characterized by trust and mutual respect as we collaboratively partner in the design and build of a new home, or major renovation, specifically customized around our customer’s vision, lifestyle, and budget.


  • Our team individually works with each client to ensure that every build is uniquely designed around our customer’s specific lifestyle needs.  The origin of our build design is derived from the depth of understanding from each of our customer’s needs and budget; rather than from an architect’ s singular perception.


  • Once the design is complete and approved, our team of artisans builds each home with specific focus on sustaining the health of family members by creating a systemically constructed, environmentally healthy home, with emphasis on high energy efficiency and the use of high quality, weather resistant/durable materials, coupled with the use of non-toxic materials.


  • We provide a unique relationship of working with each customer based upon their individual life style time availability, so they are involved in each step of the process, including a financial understanding of each build component, as well as determination of budget related items.


  • We are focused on ensuring that each of our customers move into a home which has been uniquely customized to and around their lifestyle; that the entire journey to this goal is characterized by time sensitivity, trust, mutual understanding, and decision-making; which results in a process that is customer driven, and pleasurable, from beginning to end.


  • Our Mission is successfully accomplished when our customer moves into their uniquely designed and customized healthy home - which they have been instrumental in designing and are ecstatic about; an exceptional life-time long relationship has been created with Virginia Luxury Homes; and the customer gladly provides a sterling recommendation about our Company to others.

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