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A New Custom Home Build

Virginia Luxury Homes has been built on one major guiding principle:  To build value engineered, luxurious, custom designed homes for healthier living for our home buyers.


Our Business Mission

At Virginia Luxury Homes we build uniquely designed, custom homes that are truly luxurious, energy efficient, beautifully comfortable, and healthier -  for our exacting homeowners.  We are able to offer our home buyers an option to build a certified green LEED home if they desire since we are among the one percent of builders in the United States qualified to build new green LEED homes. We are also pleased to provide high end home remodeling/renovation services for those clients who desire to continue to live in their existing homes.Regardless of the service our customers select, we pride ourselves on providing the utmost in quality products, materials, and craftsmanship, coupled with outstanding customer service, in everything we do.

We are Value Engineers

Virginia Luxury Homes has prided itself in offering a unique and innovative concept to custom home building in Northern Virginia - since 2010.  The company was born with the idea of bringing green building technologies for healthier living – together with elegant luxury and value engineering principles - to the large custom home build market .  

While we are highly sensitive to the environment we live in, we are not zealots.  Rather, we base our unique strategy of building high quality, elegant, certified healthy green homes – on the core belief that they provide the highest economic value for your dollar! We utilize our value engineering skills to design and build new custom homes, green and non-green, which provide more value for our home buyers, at minimal cost.

Illustratively, research reveals that a green home build generates a premium resale value 8 to 10% higher relative to comparable homes in similar markets.  Furthermore, green homes have been shown to sell faster than their traditional counterparts. As your builder, we provide you with the option of the best of both worlds for your consideration.

In addition,we  design and build non-green custom homes for our home buyers.  As a company, we believe that options are our friends.  Therefore, we believe it is important to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to build fully green, partial green, or not. 


Our Build Experience

We have experience building all sizes, types, and styles of new homes.  Our years of experience and exacting standards of quality are paramount to each of our builds -  regardless of whether the square footage of your new home is small, large, or in between. We can build on your lot or are able to help you locate a property where you can build your future dream home.

We have also developed a unique process of strategic alignment (see alignment) for home building which enables us to consistently and comfortably interact in a manner in which we are able to make the creation of your “dream custom home” an enjoyable and economically positive experience – regardless of whether we build on your property – or on ours.



We are keenly aware of the advantages of building in the geographically beautiful regions of Fairfax County including McLean, North Arlington, Falls Church, Great Falls, Vienna, and Reston which offer positive resale value and nationally ranked public schools.  As a result, we seldom build outside of that radius, although we do take special requests into consideration.

As a company, we provide the ability to build a healthier custom green home for our customers - or an elegant, less expensive, non-green home:

  • On property that you already own

  • Help you find property where we can build your dream home 

  • Offer you one of the properties that Virginia Luxury Homes is planning to build on

  • Offer you one of our own newly built designer custom green homes


Certified Green Home Builder

As your new custom home builder, we provide you with a major competitive advantage that the typical home builder cannot provide since our company is among the one percent (1%) of builders in the United States qualified to build new custom green homes, certified by LEED and ENERGY STAR. This means that our LEED certified homes must be built to the stringent energy saving guidelines set by the U.S. Green Building Council (much more stringent and extensive than county code requirements, or that the typical builder uses). In addition, our green builds meet full Energy Star certification requirements.

The result: Healthier living for you and your family, significantly lower utility and water bills for your home, better materials and higher level workmanship with our green builds – all while minimizing your home’s environmental impact and carbon footprint. 

Other builders may say that this is not important – WE believe it is essential - to you – as the home buyer!


  • Because each of our build phases are inspected by an independent, third party – inspectors who are far more stringent in their quality build standards – than are county inspectors or traditional builders. This is why we can say with certainty that we build quality “inside our walls” where you can’t see it - as well as where you can see it – since we can verify our words and back them up with certifications and on-site inspection reports.

  • This fact, alone, provides you, as the home buyer, with the confidence that a third party, independent inspector, has said it in writing– not a builder who may tell you the same thing verbally – but who in turn can only back it up - verbally!

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